Eagle Eye Foundation was established with the main purpose of saving the life of les privileged individuals in health care system.

We don’t just care for you when you’re healthy. We’re committed to taking proper care of our members by ensuring that they make the most of their cover when they’re not well, and endeavouring to get them better and keep them healthy long after.

From the way we answer our phones to the speed with which we settle your claims, our aim is always to make your healthcare as easy and stress-free as possible.

EEF Medical Aid Options

What we care most is your health

EEF Medical Wellbeing Services

Wellbeing is EEF Health’s online offering that empowers members to understand their unique future risks and guides them towards positive and healthier outcomes. At no cost, Eagle Eye Foundation members can join EEF Wellbeing and set goals to achieve a permanent change in lifestyle through a unique blend of motivation, inspiration, incentives, tips and tools.